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We bring you the herbal solution of your problems. Herbal medicines in India are very popular right from the ancient times till today. The pervasive consumption of packaged foods has ushered in a concerning era of health woes. Involvement if chemical fertilisers and pesticides in crops have exacted a heavy toll on our well-being.

High-fructose and trans fats, surreptitious ingredients in many processed foods, conspire to instigate metabolic chaos, contributing to a surge in odd health ailments. Lack of physical work and exercises makes us weaker and vulnerable to all types of dangers in our environment.

We at Ala Herbal Pharma hope to bring the good health back with the help of one of the oldest medicinal practice in the world i.e Unani.

Ala Herbal Pharma products are prepared with unique formulas. Our journey starts with rigorous research spanning months, sometimes years.

We meticulously source premium natural and herbal ingredients, embarking on numerous trials and investing immense effort.

With our herbal medicines we have discovered truly effective formulas which provides us the help we need and regenerate the physical and mental strength.

Our Unani Products

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Manzone Tila (Oil)


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Manzone Safoof


Mensule Combo Pack (Combination Of Mensule 21, Mensule 31, Mensule 41)

β‚ΉπŸΜΆ,πŸ–ΜΆπŸ“ΜΆπŸŽΜΆ.𝟎̢𝟎̢ β‚ΉπŸ,πŸ–πŸŽπŸŽ.𝟎𝟎

How to use our products !

At Ala Herbal Pharma we have a team of experienced Unani Doctors who work constantly on the problems people are facing presently. Since modern world is all full of a lot of chemicals, our doctors using their research and analysis are trying their best to provide a herbal solution. We try to recognise a widespread problem in people which effects their life on a large scale. Pre-mature ejaculation is one of the problem mostly seen in men these days. Another basic thing is seen in most of the people of every age group is problem of digestion. People are becoming fat, chubby, feeling tired, loosing focus on work, feeling stress and anxiety. People are busy in their modern lifestyle and they do not understand the importance of a healthy body and mind. That is why our doctors always suggest to workout on a daily basis and use the products of Ala Herbal Pharma. The herbal formulas we provide will bring a change for a much longer time if used with exercise and physical workout.Β Β 

Exercise to reduce physical ageing with Mensule 41 & Mensule 31

Age is one of the important factor behind the physical problems of most of the people. If you are above 60 and you want to live a life of a 30 years old body then you need to understand the biology behind it.

People who workout regularly can reduce the degradation of their important body parts and organs. Exercise along with healthy food will maintain your strength and stamina. Challenges and fight to survive keeps the body young and active for a long time. You have to indulge yourself in physical tasks and mental happiness on a daily bases. Mental happiness comers by winning games, learning skills and satisfying your needs. Mensule 41 helps you in keeping your body active and your mind stress free. When you exercise the stress on your mind and body provoke you to stop the efforts and take rest but Mensule 41 will help you keep up the sprit and keep working out without loosing focus. Slowly Mensule 31 will increase your stamina and will make your physical strength more durable. Once the stamina is build you carry on your exercises without using Mensule 31. While Mensule 41 will help you keep active threw-out your day and will also help you in stress free sound sleep at night. Once all the good habits are made you can discontinue Mensule 41 & 31. This way it’s a long lasting effect on your body and mind.Β 

If you are craving for a good food. Run for it, work hard to burn the existing energy in your body and show patience while exercise. You will feel that same food tastes much tastier and satisfies your hunger much more, than the food which you get without any physical and mental challenges. Try playing outdoor games five times a week. Even if you fail in your challenges you will gain satisfaction of trying your best and will prepare accordingly next time.

Ala Herbal Pharma’s Mensule 41 and Mensule 31 is for your physical strength and your mental stress. To know more about the rich ingredients, natural herbs and uses of Mensule 41 & 31 kindly see ourΒ product page.Β 

Revitalise heart, mind & your body with Mensule 21

When you sit and work for long hours you don’t realise that your body parts like heart are resting too much. Our body is designed to run for long distances and hunt for the survival. Our physical strength and tactical mind makes us the most advance species in food chain. Now when you work in your offices or you use a vehicle for travelling distances you are actually using very less energy from your body. This slowly makes you gain weight and fat inside your organs and around your belly. Your blood gains more cholesterol which makes your heart work inefficiently. Slowly without realising you start feeling less active which is the result of irregular blood circulation and misbalance of hormonal activities. This situation is same with an average amount of people these days.Β  Either the realisation of the situation is too late or people do not understand what’s happening with them.Β 

We suggest that you must consult a doctor in such situation. Other than that one thing you should start with immediately is exercise. Daily exercise is one of the best solution. Start with moderate workout and keep pushing the limits. Keep a track on your calories intake and burning. Once you reach to a balance where your calories intake and burning are equal start reducing your extra fat with more workout.Β 

Mensule 21 will help you in exercising with reducing inflammation naturally. It will help you in gaining satisfaction by releasing dopamine while exercising. Same effect helps you while intercourse with your partner. Mensule 21 will also help you in regaining the blood circulation and will improve the blood flow in your body. Better blood supply to heart and all the parts of the body helps your stimulate nerve response and cardiovascular system healthy. The herbs included in Mensule 21 helps in maintaining hormonal balance in body which makes your erection and intercourse better. It also help you regain the healthy gut by improving your digestive track. If you want to know more about the Mensule 21 ingredients and uses you can visit our products page.Β 

Benefits of massage with Manzone Tila

Manzone Tila is an oil for massage of male reproductive organ. Massage itself is a very old therapy for many physical disorders. It helps in increasing the blood flow in nerves. It also helps in making the muscles stronger. When there is low blood supply in the male reproductive organ the best and most useful suggestion is massage. It may take one week to show it’s effects. When you start giving massage to your organ you will start revitalising the exterior sensations and muscular response. The supply of the blood will help in proper transportation of different essential nutrients and hormones.Β  The reaction time of the activities will increase and the pelvic region will become stronger. We also suggest kegel exercise along with the massage for better results.

Manzone Tila is prepared in a way that it may increase the effects of massage and help in external treatments. The ingredients we use in Manzone Tila when combined together in a particular quantity it becomes a relaxation and regeneration agent. It provides the exact smoothness needed for the massage. To know more about our product Manzone Tila it’s ingredients and uses you can check out our products page.Β 

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